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Alumni in the News

A couple of Martin School alumni have made it in to print in the last few weeks. Below are a few highlights!


Herald-Leader: Bevin's Medicaid proposal may give nonprofits unwanted 'volunteers'

In this frontpage story, Danielle Clore is featured as the voice of the nonprofit community as the Executive Director of the Kentucky Nonprofit Network. The article discusses a proposal from the Governor's office to add a volunteerism component to the state Medicaid program.


Herald-Leader: Don't cut Kentucky Medicaid, build on it

In this op-ed, Dustin Pugel, who is a research and policy associate at the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, argues that Medicaid expansion in Kentucky has benefited recipients. 


Smiley Pete Publishing: Shake-up at Downtown Lexington Corporation

Renee Shepard has led the Downtown Lexington Corporation for ten years. In that time, the article states that "'DLC’s budget tripled, the Downtown Lexington Management District was established and DLC was recognized as a driving force behind the positive changes in downtown Lexington.'" She is leaving her position as the Executive Director to start a new consutling venture.