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Dr. Petrovsky Reports from Afield

November 3 Thursday 11:30 AM

This year, Dr. Petrovsky, one of the Martin School’s professors, is spending his sabbatical in Hong Kong! When he isn’t enjoying delicious roast duck, he’s learning from the students and professors at the City University of Hong Kong.

“Basically, I'm an apprentice/participant observer in the Laboratory for Public Management and Policy here at City University of Hong Kong, so I can learn the practicalities of designing and running experiments about public management questions,” he says. This fall, for instance, they’re doing an experiment on campus to better understand how to incentivize recycling for academic departments. They aren’t just working on local projects, though. The Lab is also working with a student to create an app that queries poll recipients about their public service experiences. The cool thing about this new app is that it “could obtain the location of the participants and so it might be possible to get a better understanding of whether people react in the same way depending on whether they are currently using a service (e.g. public transportation) or not.”

Dr. Petrovsky is also soaking up the political and policy landscape of both China and Hong Kong through a seminar and meeting new people. The relationship between mainland China and the self-governing city is at odds at times; many people, and especially many younger people, worry about the future status of the city. However, Hong Kong also has its share of public policy problems. The young graduate students Dr. Petrovsky has met are concerned about their professional prospects and how to find affordable housing. “So, there is the fantastic city that created so much wealth and has offered so much opportunity to people and has such well-working public services, but now it faces serious trouble.”

It’s clear Dr. Petrovsky is not only enjoying his sabbatical, but will also bring back important skills that will enhance his research. We look forward to having him back at the Martin School!

Ford Lecture featuring Senator Tom Daschle

October 24 Monday 02:29 PM

Watch the full recording of the second annual Wendell H. Ford Public Policy Lecture, featuring Senator Tom Daschle and an expert panel.

Dr. Toma Named Distinguished Kentucky Economist by KEA

October 20 Thursday 12:23 PM

Dr. Toma has been named the Distinguished Kentucky Economist by the Kentucky Economic Association! She will be giving the plenary address at the Kentucky Economic Association's 2016 Conference tomorrow. We wish her the best of luck, although we already know she'll do a wonderful job.

According to their website, KEA "facilitates greater communication among state researchers from academia, government, and business, and promotes the sharing and discussion of research by economists and public policy analysts working on issues relevant to the Commonwealth."

Second Annual Ford Lecture

October 17 Monday 10:44 PM

We are excited to welcome Senator Tom Daschle as our keynote speaker for the second annual Wendell H. Ford Public Policy Lecture! If you can't make it over to the auditorium at the Gatton B&E building, you can join us via live stream when the event starts at 4 pm.


What is the Ford Lecture?

This signature lecture series began in the fall of 2015, featuring celebrated author and editor Jon Meacham. His talk was the culmination of a days' worth of speakers comemorating the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Senator Wendell H. Ford, for whom the lecture is named, was an exemplary public servant, especially to the Commonwealth. His legacy lives on through this lecture series bearing not only his name, but continuing to further his spirit of service. 


Who is Senator Tom Daschle?

Senator Daschle has served the American people through collaboration across the aisle. His message will speak to the dysfunction we see today in a polarized political climate. Check out Dr. Zimmer's op-ed in the Herald-Leader to learn more about Senator Daschle. We can't wait to hear what he has to say, and we hope you will join us!

Meet our New Director

September 28 Wednesday 10:26 AM

The Martin School has a new captain at the helm! He is no stranger, though-- Dr. Zimmer received his doctorate degree from the Martin School! In his time away from Kentucky, Dr. Zimmer has served as a faculty member at Vanderbilt University and worked for the RAND Corporation. His publications and media mentions are many. An accomplished researcher, Dr. Zimmer's work focuses on education policy, particularly school choice and school finance. We are so pleased to have Dr. ZImmer and his family with us!

Dr. ZImmer was featured in a "UK at the Half" segment, which is aired at halftime during the radio broadcasts of UK football and basketball games. If you missed it this past Saturday, never fear! UK PR has provided us with the recording, which you can listen to below. In the clip, Dr. ZImmer talks about our program's culture. As an alumnus and now our Director, he has a unique perspective. "From my experience here being a student, it's just such a special place," he says, describing the close-knit community that graduates continue to be a part of after they leave. The faculty continue to be a source of support and encouragement, even after alumni have moved on to new places and jobs. 

Undergraduates may have the opportunity in the future to partake in all the Martin School can offer... Dr. Zimmer plans to pursue an undergraduate offering in the future!