Public Financial Management in the 21st Century

January 20 Friday 01:33 PM

We have added two new program offerings, both of which are entirely online:   the Master of Public Financial Management (MPFM) and the Graduate Certificate in Public Financial Management. These new programs are a joint effort of the Martin School and the Von Allmen  School of Accountancy.  The programs emphasize public financial management and public sector accounting along with other unique courses, making it unlike any other program.

As a premier institution in the fields of public financial management and budgeting, we identified an unmet need that the Martin School could uniquely address in providing mid-career professionals with expertise in those areas. By offering all the courses online, the programs are designed to meet the needs of working professionals, leveraging technology to provide graduate education opportunities at an affordable price.

The Graduate Certificate is comprised of 12 hours of online coursework offered by both Martin School and Accounting faculty. Each class is typically 8 weeks long with students taking one class at a time. Inclusive of all the courses in the certificate program (and then some!), the MPFM is a 2-year 36-credit hour program covering the topics of financial management, funds management, public sector accounting/auditing, public pensions and insurance, data and revenue forecasting, and so much more. Our MPA and MPP students may recognize some of the core material, and, of course, the Capstone Project, which is also required for the MPFM.

"Our goal is to meet the needs of non-traditional students who are balancing work, family, and other activities. By offering these new programs 100% online, we are providing an affordable, flexible, and challenging opportunity for individuals from across the country and beyond who are interested in seeking graduate education in public financial management, while receiving the same high quality education experience as our on-campus students." - Dr. Rhonda Riherd Trautman, Program Director

"The Masters of Public Financial Management program at the Martin School has more than exceeded my previous graduate studies experiences. The faculty have demonstrated a thorough expertise of the material and a genuine passion for instructing. The coursework, discussions, and texts have been personally challenging and professionally fulfilling. I have found the topics covered to be completely applicable to my current position in public finance and can envision how this new knowledge will directly benefit my current organization as well as any future organization I am a part of." - Andrew Wells, current student

Martin School Grad & Visiting Professor Named Co-Editor of Major Publication

December 9 Friday 02:37 PM

We are excited to share the news that Dr. Jeremy Hall, a graduate of our Ph.D program and visiting professor, has been named a Co-Editor for Public Administration Review, the academic journal published by the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA).

Dr. Hall, who is a professor and MPA Director at the University of Central Florida, received his Ph.D from the Martin School in 2005. He is back at the Martin School this academic year as a Visiting Professor while Dr. Petrovsky is on sabbatical. We are so pleased (and not in the least surprised) to hear of his latest achievement! Congratulations, Dr. Hall! 

Fall Capstone Defense Schedule

November 18 Friday 11:29 AM

Students graduating this winter will defend their Capstone Projects on Monday, November 28th in the 4th floor conference room at Patterson Office Tower. Each student will present their research to a panel of faculty and practitioners, followed by questions. We encourage students to attend!

Below is the schedule for the day. If you do plan to stop by for a presentation, please be mindful of when sessions start and end-- we ask that folks do not enter or leave the room while presentations are in progress.


Capstone Defense Schedule

8:30 am: Coakley, Tricia

9: 15 am: Johnson, Lisa

10 am: Yoo, G.

10:45 am: Yoo, B.

11:30 am: Kim

Lunch Break

1:45 pm: Brothers, Sheila

2:30 pm: An, Maeng Ryoul

3:15 pm: Comer, Elisha

4 pm: Ceesay, Ismaila

PhD Student Wins Prize at APPAM Conference for Research

November 10 Thursday 04:38 PM

Cole Rakow, who recently defended his dissertation successfully, presented his research at APPAM. His poster and presentation won him third place! Congratulations, Cole! You can watch his presentation below, or check out the paper summary here: "Revenue Complexity Vs. Revenue Diversification: A New Empirical Approach to an Old Debate."

Dr. Petrovsky Reports from Afield

November 3 Thursday 11:30 AM

This year, Dr. Petrovsky, one of the Martin School’s professors, is spending his sabbatical in Hong Kong! When he isn’t enjoying delicious roast duck, he’s learning from the students and professors at the City University of Hong Kong.

“Basically, I'm an apprentice/participant observer in the Laboratory for Public Management and Policy here at City University of Hong Kong, so I can learn the practicalities of designing and running experiments about public management questions,” he says. This fall, for instance, they’re doing an experiment on campus to better understand how to incentivize recycling for academic departments. They aren’t just working on local projects, though. The Lab is also working with a student to create an app that queries poll recipients about their public service experiences. The cool thing about this new app is that it “could obtain the location of the participants and so it might be possible to get a better understanding of whether people react in the same way depending on whether they are currently using a service (e.g. public transportation) or not.”

Dr. Petrovsky is also soaking up the political and policy landscape of both China and Hong Kong through a seminar and meeting new people. The relationship between mainland China and the self-governing city is at odds at times; many people, and especially many younger people, worry about the future status of the city. However, Hong Kong also has its share of public policy problems. The young graduate students Dr. Petrovsky has met are concerned about their professional prospects and how to find affordable housing. “So, there is the fantastic city that created so much wealth and has offered so much opportunity to people and has such well-working public services, but now it faces serious trouble.”

It’s clear Dr. Petrovsky is not only enjoying his sabbatical, but will also bring back important skills that will enhance his research. We look forward to having him back at the Martin School!