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Fall Capstone Defense Schedule

Students graduating this winter will defend their Capstone Projects on Monday, November 28th in the 4th floor conference room at Patterson Office Tower. Each student will present their research to a panel of faculty and practitioners, followed by questions. We encourage students to attend!

Below is the schedule for the day. If you do plan to stop by for a presentation, please be mindful of when sessions start and end-- we ask that folks do not enter or leave the room while presentations are in progress.


Capstone Defense Schedule

8:30 am: Coakley, Tricia

9: 15 am: Johnson, Lisa

10 am: Yoo, G.

10:45 am: Yoo, B.

11:30 am: Kim

Lunch Break

1:45 pm: Brothers, Sheila

2:30 pm: An, Maeng Ryoul

3:15 pm: Comer, Elisha

4 pm: Ceesay, Ismaila