At a Glance


Graduation Rates

Below is a breakdown of time to graduation for the 5-year MPA cohort starting in 2013-2014:

Graduation Rates ARY-5 MPA Cohort (2013-2014)
• Initially enrolled: 39
    • Graduated within 2 years: 30
    • Graduated within 3 years: 31
    • Graduated within 4 years: 33
*Full-time students generally complete the degree in two years, while part-time students (less than 9 credit hours per semester) can take at least twice as long, depending on the various courseloads. Dual degree students (PharmD/MPA or JD/MPA) generally complete both programs in four years.

Job Placements

Our graduates work all over the world. In 2017-2018, 18 master's students graduated from our programs. Over a third have found jobs in all three levels of government; roughly one-fifth are working internationally in government or quasi-government organizations post-graduation. The rest work in nonprofits, the private sector, or elsewhere.

Job Placement Stats for 2017-2018 MPA Graduates using NASPAA Categories: 18 Students Total
• US Government: 0
• State Government: 2
• U.S. Local Government: 5
• International Quasi-Government or Government All Levels: 3
• Nonprofit (domestic-oriented): 5
• Nonprofit (international): 0
• Private Sector (research/consulting): 0
• Private Sector (not research/consulting): 2
• Obtaining Further Education: 0
• Military Service: 0
• Unemployed (not seeking employment): 0
• Unemployed (seeking employment): 0
• Status Unknown: 1

*Due to our close collaboration with the government of the Republic of Korea through the International Public Policy & Management Insitute, Ministry of Personnel Management, and the Korean Development Institute we typically have a number of Korean Government Officials who return to their jobs in Korea, hence the high number of International placements. Due to the Pharm.D./MPA dual degree program, we typically have a high number of placements in the Health Care Sector, including Health Administration. The Nonprofit area of specialization is one of the most popular, and typically a high percentage of graduates remain in this field. Due to the number of University employees in our program, we typically have a high number of placements in Higher Education Administration. 


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