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Grants Manager at United Way in Louisville, KY

The Grants Manger supports the mission of Metro United Way by managing and monitoring various grant opportunities that align with the organization's community impact strategies. This position will work closely with cross-functional staff teams and community partners to manage all aspects of grant finance, administration and reports. The Grants Manager will work closely with the Grants Director to research grant prospects, write and edit grant proposals, programmatic and financial reports and related correspondence, all within required deadlines. Under the direction of the Grants Director, the Grants Manager will develop and maintain templates containing key organizational data, and ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, UWW membership standards and grantor requirements.

Position Responsibilities

1. Studies and masters all information regarding MUW’s impact areas, strategies, goals and measures. Keeps informed of new developments in MUW’s approaches. Attends impact areas meetings as appropriate, coordinates efforts with research staff and content experts.

2. Compiles grant templates, proposals, budgets, letters and other documentation for MUW to apply for grants and report to funders about grants received. Circulates drafts and coordinates workflow for the approval process. Meets and tracks deadline requirements for each grant. Creates inventory of proposals to be used on subsequent applications, allowing for increased efficiency, consistency and greater sharing of information within the organization. Prepares and maintains all files for financial and programmatic reporting. Assists and supports other MUW staff with proposal development and reporting.

3. Secures all necessary approvals, attachments, letters of commitment, budgets and additional documentation to accompany funding proposals. Manages timely acknowledgements to funders upon receipt of a grant award. Assists with analysis of grant support success, including budget to actual variances, recording of income and expenses, matching expenses between grant budget line items and spending accounts, and reconciling financial records with grant-funded program managers’ records.

4. Manage and maintain all grant files.

5. Periodically report the status, including deadlines, of proposed, pending and completed funding proposals, grants received and reports.

6. Coordinates with finance department to set up grant accounts and arrange for pledge processing when an award is received.

7. Communicates with grant-funded program managers to inform them about accounts and requirements.

8. Provides grants information to finance department for annual audit purposes.

9. Other assigned duties as required.

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