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Job Market Candidates

We are pleased to share the list of 2016-2017 Martin School doctoral job market candidates. 


Cole Rakow

Cole received his B.S. in Political Science from Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. He then enrolled in the Martin School’s MPP program and subsequently its Ph.D. program. His dissertation, successfully defended in October, 2016, focuses on various aspects of the subnational tax structure and their effects on government size and revenue stability. Although public finance is his main research area, he has interests in all areas of public finance and has done work in public management, education finance, and macroeconomics. He currently teaches a quantitative methods course and strategic planning to Martin School MPA students. His research interests include public finance, state and local taxation, public debt, and the political economy.

Cole's CV can be accessed here.


Saerim Kim

Saerim Kim is a doctoral candidate of the Martin School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Kentucky. Before joining the doctoral program, she received her Master's degree in Public Policy at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University. Her research interests include public budgeting and financial management, nonprofit finance, and research methods. Currently, she is working on her dissertation entitled "Three Essays on Financial Collaboration in the Government, For–Profit, and Nonprofit Sector." She plans to graduate this academic year and seeks an academic research position.

Saerim's CV can be accessed here.


Whitney Davis

A native of Kentucky, Whitney graduated cum laude from Centre College with a Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics in 2010. After spending two years working in nonprofit administration, Whitney joined the Martin School as a Ph.D. student focusing on climate and energy policy, fiscal federalism, and public finance. Whitney’s dissertation focuses on the decentralization of climate and energy policy in the United States. Her work analyzes the effectiveness of fiscal transfers in increasing local provision of climate policy and seeks to understand the decision-making process in regards to division of responsibility. She coauthored an article on climate policy innovation and has presented three working papers on climate policy adoption and funding. Currently, Whitney is working as a research assistant and is teaching an upper-level undergraduate course in Economics and Business Statistics. She is on track to graduate in May 2017, enjoys both teaching and research, and plans to pursue a career in academia.

Whitney's CV can be accessed here.


Jinhai Yu

Jinhai Yu is a PhD candidate in the Martin School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Kentucky. His research and teaching interests are state and local public finance, intergovernmental fiscal relations, and policy analysis. He has three working papers under revision for journal submission in 2016, on topics of policy diffusion, budget tradeoff, and online voter registration. He is currently working on his dissertation titled “Three Essays on Public Finance and Public Policy: Financial Disclosure, Grant Dependency, and Policy Reinvention in State and Local Government”. He is graduating in May 2017 with a Master of Public Policy and PhD in Public Policy and Administration. He looks forward to starting a new career as a teacher and researcher in academia.

Jinhai's CV can be accessed here.


Zihe "Lauren" Guo

Zihe (Lauren) Guo is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Martin School of Public Policy and Administration in University of Kentucky, specializing in public financial management. She has successfully defended her dissertation in August 2016, and will officially graduate in December 2016. Her research and teaching interests include public finance and budgeting, debt management, financial management for public and nonprofit organizations. Her dissertation research examines the concerns about borrowing costs of local governments in the U.S. and China, particularly paying attention to debts issued through conduits.

Lauren's CV can be accessed here.