Should I have to temporarily suspend my education for personal or professional reasons, can I come back and complete the program?

Yes. The Graduate School requires that any student complete their Masters degree in eight years. Effective fall 2009, if you are an enrolled graduate student at the University of Kentucky and you sit out for one or more semesters you will need to complete a new application and pay the application fee in order to be considered for readmission. In many instances you can avoid this requirement by requesting a “leave of absence”. In addition to avoiding the application process, this status will allow you to priority register in preparation for your return.

Procedurally, you should contact your Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) to seek approval for the leave prior to the beginning of the semester in question. If approved, the DGS will contact your Graduate School admissions officer who will modify your record accordingly. You may request no more than two consecutive and four total semesters in leave of absence status. Post-qualifying doctoral students are not eligible for the leave of absence.

International students considering a leave of absence are strongly encouraged to discuss their plans with the Office of International Affairs, Department of Immigration Services prior to making a formal request.

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