Faculty and Staff working remotely due to COVID-19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some Martin School faculty and staff are working remotely for the spring 2021 semester. Please email us with general questions. Click here to find faculty and staff contact information.

2020 Spring Seminar Series

All seminars Friday from 11-12 in Gatton B&E room 127 (unless otherwise noted)

January 31st

Dr. Katherine Willoughby

Univ. Georgia

February 3rd

Drs. David Agrawal and Bill Hoyt

Martin and Gatton

February 21st

Dr. Josh Rosenberg

Univ. Tennessee

March 6th

Dr. Keaton Miller

Univ. Oregon

March 27th

Dr. Iuliia Shybalkina

Martin School

April 10th

Dr. Annelise Russell

Martin School

April 24th

Dr. Yujia He

Patterson School

May 1st

Dr. Todd Ely

Univ. Colorado, Denver


Economics Seminars of Interest by UK Faculty

February 7th

Dr. Lala Ma

B&E 199 – 3-4 PM

February 10th  

Dr. Carlos Lamarche

B&E 311 – 12-1 PM

February 14th

Dr. Olga Malkova

B&E 199 – 3-4:30 PM


Other Important Dates

March 16-21

Spring Break


April 13-17th   

Capstones Week