Faculty and Staff working remotely due to COVID-19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some Martin School faculty and staff are working remotely for the spring 2021 semester. Please email us with general questions. Click here to find faculty and staff contact information.

Martin School Director's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the International Public Policy and Management Institute (IPPMI). The Institute is the first educational institute established at the University of Kentucky to provide international professionals and government officials around the world with a unique experience in the United States.

The Institute has a Professional Certificate program for international professionals from public enterprises and local governments. Our Professional Certificate program offers opportunities to focus on academic, professional and cultural experience in your profession with comprehensive grounding in learning English. Our interdisciplinary faculty consists of leaders in their research area with a vast amount of experience working with private, public, nonprofit, and governmental organizations both in the United State and abroad. Through our well-balanced academic, professional and cultural curriculum, the Institute enables you to enhance expertise in your professional field within a global context, improve your English language proficiency and expand your understanding of American culture. The Institute promotes knowledge of global affairs and current issues through academic and professional expertise of the UK faculty.

The Institute also helps international professionals develop relationship with private and public enterprises and local governments in the United States. The Institute sponsors guest-speaker seminars featuring prominent local professionals and practitioners and government officials. Professional field trips to public enterprises and governmental agencies provide another opportunity to enhance your professional expertise. The institute not only offers educational experience to international professionals, but also provides global perspectives to the UK community and the people of Kentucky. The Institute seeks to better understand political, economic, and cultural issues of the international professionals’ home countries and promote the UK community and the state of Kentucky to the foreign countries for long-term academic and business relationships. In addition, the Institute will also provide tailored training in foreign business, politics and culture for citizens and organizations of Kentucky wishing to initiate or enhance their business relations in those countries.

In an era of rapid political, social, economic, and technological change, the importance of global perspectives continues to grow at a significant pace. The International Public Policy and Management Institute brings the expertise within the University of Kentucky to meet international professionals’ needs and build ongoing links between global society, academia and the people in Kentucky.

Dr. Ron Zimmer
Director of the Martin School for Public Policy and Administration