Who is James W. Martin?

James MartinThe Martin School is named for Professor James W. Martin, shown to the left (seated) in a photograph from 1954. (UK Archives, Photo from UKNow)

When James W. Martin came to the University of Kentucky in 1928, he was already a recognized and respected scholar in the field of government finance. His employment with UK continued until his retirement as Distinguished Professor of Economics in 1964, although he continued a variety of professional and research activities with the university through the next two decades.

As director of UK's Bureau of Business Research, the forerunner of the Center for Business and Economic Research, he inspired and guided a large number of significant research programs, and he was skillful in mobilizing resources for their advancement.

As a consultant to governmental agencies in Kentucky and elsewhere, he brought to public policy the benefits of sound economic analysis and sophisticated research techniques. In Kentucky, Martin served at the Commissioner level in three divisions of the state government during leaves of absence from the university.