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Public policy is an interdisciplinary program that applies tools from economics, political science, statistics, and management to solve problems that matter to people and communities. Students develop analytical, communication, and leadership skills in their policy courses, then apply those skills through projects, research, and internship experiences. Upon graduating, students are well-equipped for careers in all levels of government, nonprofits, government relations, private sector consulting positions, and more. The critical thinking and analytical skills emphasized in the program also make it great preparation for law or other graduate programs. 


Program Admission and Requirements

All students begin the program as pre-majors, and move into the full major after successful completion of all pre-major courses and a 2.75 cumulative GPA. The program is comprised of several parts:

  • UK Core - Required for all UK students. Many pre-major public policy courses double count here!
  • Pre-Major - Includes basic government, communication, math, economics, and policy courses
  • Major Core - Required public policy courses taught by Martin School faculty
  • Guided Electives - Opportunity to tailor the degree with courses from across campus
  • Core Electives - Focused upper-level policy and skill-based classes
  • Free Electives - Space for minors, second majors, study abroad, honors, and more!

By the numbers

2020 year the program officially launched

21 free credit hours, perfect for a minor, honors, study abroad, etc.

100% of 22-23 graduates completed an internship or research experience

Brooke Kuerzi

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Student Affairs Officer

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Cory Curl, PhD

Cory Curl

Director of Undergraduate Studies

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