Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is a semester-long program completed in the final semester of study. Through the Capstone, you can apply the knowledge and skills that you have acquired through your coursework and internship to craft policy or program improvements for public agencies and non-profit organizations. Capstone Projects differ from traditional master's theses, as students self-select a research question that proposes relevant and actionable solutions, at times applied in practice by employers or former internship advisors as valuable research. Recent graduates also can use the finished product to showcase their skills to future employers.

The project includes a written research paper and an oral presentation given to a panel of practitioners. These case studies and special projects require students to integrate knowledge from the core curriculum in the analysis of public management and policy problems. MPA, MPP, and MPFM students complete this project.


UKnowledge contains a more robust collection of Martin School capstones, theses, and other publications