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Chen, Xin
Home Rule, Local Autonomy, and Municipal Government Behavior

Curl, Cory
Move or Improve? Place, Policy, and Educator Labor Markets

Lee, Hakyeon
Essays on Economic Development Policies

Wen, Jiebing
Evidence-based Approach to Drug Crisis



Algharabali, Barrak Ghanim
The Effects of Natural Resource Dependence and Democracy on the Incremental Budgeting Theory and Punctuated Equilibrium Within a Budgetary Context

Davis, Whitney Michelle
The Decision to Decentralize Good Provision in the United States: A Study in Clean Energy Policy

Kwak, Hyokyung
Three Essays on Welfare Policies in American States: Explaining American Welfare States in the Post-Welfare Reform Era

Wei, Wenchi
Three Essays on Municipal Structure and Government Fiscal Management Outcomes



Bedwell, Emily
Applying a Positive Theory of Organizations: A Closer Examination of State Environmental Protection Agencies

Choi, Seugjin
Three Essays on Interaction in Public Management

Guo, Zihe
Conduit Bond Financing of Local Governments-Perspective from the U.S. and China

Rakow, Cole Eugene
Empirical Advances in the Study of Revenue Diversification in the U.S. States

Rico, Anthony Heath
Web of Ties: The Effect of Relationship Ties on Government Funding for Nonprofit Organizations

Steinbach, Shana Lynne
Is There a Tradeoff? Infant Health Outcomes and Managed Care Competition

Woodward, James Briggs
American Obesity: Rooted in Uncertainty, Institutions, and Public Policy



Goodin, Amie.
Evaluating State Policy Interventions for Opioid Abuse and Diversion: The Impact on Consumers, Healthcare Providers, and the U.S. Market for Prescription Opioids

Yun, Changgeun
Three Essays on Public Organizations



Connelly, Dana D.
State Child Welfare Policy: Causes and Consequences

Jacobs, Thomas Alexander
Continuing Resolutions: The Influence of Temporary Spending Restrictions on Monthly Expenditure Patterns of Federal Agencies

Jones, Peter
Charter School Locations Across the U.S. and Their Influence on Public School District Revenues



Deerfield, Amanda
A Study of Corruption, Foreign Aid, and Economic Growth

Fraley, Tosha Kurzynske
Homogeneity, Sorting, and Social Capital: Differences in Rural and Urban School Peer Effects

Gibson, James B.
Three Essays on Fiscal Stress and Financial Stability in State Government Finance

Greer, Robert
Three Essays on Local Government Debt

Mamaril, Cezar Brian C.
Funding Defined Benefit State Pension Plans: An Empirical Evaluation

Paris, Bethany L.
Institutional Lending Models, Mission Drift, and Microfinance Institutions

Zhang, Zhiwei
To Produce or Buy? Exploring Determinants of Local Government Privatization Decisions



Arinaitwe, Jacklyn Makaaru
Subsidization Effects: Do Microfinance Institutions Subsidize the More Risky "Poor" Clients?

Foster, John M
Voter Ideology, Tax Exporting, and State and Local Tax Structure

Howell, Matthew
E Pluribus Unum: Interest Group organization's Effect on the Fragmentation and Governance of American Urban Areas



Barrett, Nathan
Three Essays Evaluating Choices of Teachers and Administrators in Kentucky Public Schools



Burke, Jonica Louise
Three Essays on Structural Imbalance in State Budgeting

Fowles, Jacob
Public Higher Education Governance: An Empirical Examination

Sloan, Margaret F
Federal Funding of Nonprofit Organizations: Impacts, Oversight, and Accountability



Genova, Stefka
Policy Innovation, Program Maintenance, and Enrollment:  The Case of State Medicaid Buy-in Programs

Kim, Ae-Sook
Policy Innovation, Diffusion, Reinvention, and Evolution in State Medicaid Managed Care Programs

Kimsey, Linda
How Efficient are Military Hospitals? A Comparison of Technical Efficiency using Stochastic Frontier Analysis

Liu, Gao
Three Essays on Municipal Bond Insurance

Winter, Sandra
An Empirical Analysis of the Utilization Patterns of Within Facility and Secondary Healthcare Services by Kentucky State Inmates



Charles, Cleopatra
The Impact of Tax and Expenditure Limitations and Budget Stabilizations Funds on Fiscal Innovation and Fiscal Uncertainty:  Empirical Evidence from State Governments

Fordham, Miriam
The Effect of Medicaid Managed Care on Access, Use and Expenditures:  Is There a Geographic Variation?

Kukla-Acevedo, Sharon
The Roles of Teacher Characteristics, Preparation and Turnover

Wakefield, William Walter III
Medicare Physician Reimbursement Policy and Type of Service Volume Sensitivity

Yan, Wenli
The Impact of Revenue Diversification and Economic Base on Revenue Stability: An empirical Analysis of County and State Government



Carr, Douglas
Environmental Regulatory Policy: Political Economy, Industrial Geography, and Intergovernmental Fiscal Effects

Gillen, Shawn
A Typology of Punctuated Equilibrium: The Comparative Effects of Mandated and Un-Mandated Budgetary Punctuations

Hur, Yongbeom
Organizational Performance, Turnover, and Human Resource Management: Focusing on Municipal Police Services

Streams, Megan E.
Policy Interaction in the Public Finance of Successive Levels of Education

Yusuf, Juita-Elena
Nascent Entrepreneurs and Their Use of Business and Entrepreneurial Assistance Programs: Evidence from the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics



Moody, Michael
Three Essays on Public University Debt Management

Shane, Julia Patton
The Effectiveness of Regulated and Unregulated Risks in Graduated Licensing Programs: An Effort to Reduce Fatalities Associated with Accidents Involving Teenaged Drivers in the United States



Haist, Margaret Patrick
After the Adoption and Safe Families Act: Outcomes of Children in Licensed and Unlicensed Kinship Foster Care

Hall, Jeremy L.
Disentangling Components of Innovation Capacity and Innovation Outcomes in Economic Growth and Development In the U.S. States

O’Connell, Lenahan Louis
Fighting Urban Sprawl: A Study in the Social and Organizational Roots of “Smart Growth” Policies



Kuezi-Nke, Marjorie Chisale
The relationship Between Issue Framing and Congressional Response: Setting the Policy Agenda for the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Issue, 1981-2000



Constant, Louay
School Choice and the Political Process: Interest Groups, Campaign Contributions and Roll Call Voting

Garrett, Brent
The Role of Policy Entrepreneurs in Policy Diffusion

Taylor, Melissa A.
Regional Variation in New Firm Formation: An Analysis of Socio-Economic Factors



Wolfson, Gabriela S.
State Budget Institutions and “Optional” Entitlement Spending



DiGuglielmo, Tina
Reaching for the Stars: A Comparison of Female and Male Army Officers' Career Progression

Eger, Robert J. III
Public Authorities: Their Role in State Government Financial Management

Min, Kee
Does Foreign Government Policy Matter?: The Case of U.S. Direct Investment Abroad

Olberding, Julie C.
The Formation, Structure and Performance of Regional Partnerships for Economic Development in U.S. Metropolitan Areas



Jensen, Jason L.
Institutional Processes in the Birth and Diffusion of State Public Organizations

Jordan, Meagan McChe'
Punctuated Equilibrium as a Comprehensive Theory of Local Government Budgeting: The Proof is in the Tails

Udie, Matthias Akomaye
The Effects of Medicare Penetration into HMOs and Competition in the Medicare HMO Market on State of Breast Cancer Diagnosis



Ewalt, Jo Ann Gomer
An Analysis of the Job Opportunities and Basic Skills Program in Kentucky: Determinants of Component Choice



Dension, Dwight Val
An Empirical Examination of Municipal Bond Insurance: Three Essays

Zimmer, Ronald W.
Identification of Peer Effects: Evidence Across Countries

Gray, Sandra C.
The Basle Accord Agreement on Bank Capital: A Policymaking Model for International Economic Cooperation



Clarke, George Weston Jr.
Institutional Determinants of Executive-Legislative Budgetary Conflict in the American States

Miller, Kenneth R. Jr.
Choosing your Poison: An Empirical Analysis of Jurisdictional Shopping among American Corporations

Wiggins, Purnima Nimmi
The Effects of Government Higher Education Funding on the Behavior of Colleges and Universities in the U.S.



Park, Kimuck
The Determinants of Intergovernmental Grants and Expenditure Effects of Intergovernmental Grants on Grantor Governments



Kuder, Linda Brasfield
Attitudes Toward Age-Based Health Care Rationing



Kearns, Paula Scheliga
The Determinants of State Budget Periodicity, and the Implications for State Spending and Interest Group Activity

Trautman, Rhonda Riherd
Effects of Institutional Control upon State Debt Activity and Costs of Debt Programs: An Empirical Analysis