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Executive Master of Public Policy (EMPP)

The Executive MPP degree prepares students for careers as professional policy analysts. The Global Master’s Program (GMP) of the KDI School is developed to offer selected students (with a government or private sponsorship) at the KDI School a chance to obtain an additional Master’s degree provided by UK. UK offers a master’s degree that is complementary to the MPP and MDP program of the KDI School.

​The Executive MPP program prepares students for careers as professional policy analysts. Students earn two degrees by spending one year at a participating school in Korea and one year at the Martin School. The Martin School currently has a Memorandum of Understanding with the KDI School of Public Policy and Management. Students may transfer 9 credit hours that meet the requirements of UK. After reviewing the program, students are now only required to complete 21 credit hours of course work at UK (9 in the Spring, 12 in the Fall), totalling 30 credit hours, and are no longer required to do capstone projects.

Learn more about the MPP degree program here!

Admission Requirements

Students in the program will be admitted to UK’s Master of Public Policy program through the normal admission process of UK.  The application process for this program can also be found here. Acceptance to the program is not guaranteed. Program participants will be allowed to transfer up to 9 credit hours of graduate coursework that meets the requirements of UK. UK shall exert every effort for credit transfer. Applicants must list the specific courses proposed for transfer credit in their application materials. KDI School will provide course descriptions and syllabi in English for courses proposed for transfer credit.

Differences in the academic cycle between the KDI School and UK (i.e., academic year of the KDI School starts from spring whereas that of UK starts from fall) requires UK to be able to offer a program that starts in the spring semester. Therefore, the admissions decision by UK shall be made no later than 31st October of the preceding calendar year. In addition, both parties shall negotiate each year on technical details such as program operations and admissions process with enough lead time for tuition to be periodically adjusted, for applicants to submit F1 Visa application and arrange subsequent relocation.

Prospective students from the KDI School shall apply to the program on an annual basis, and will be selected based upon admissions criteria of UK. UK is willing to waive the GRE for students who have previous professional work experience and a satisfactory graduate academic record at KDI School. Applicants will also be expected to demonstrate proficiency in the English language as demonstrated by TOEFL examination scores. The minimum acceptable TOEFL score is 550 (paper-based), 213(computer-based) or 79 (internet-based / IBT). The minimum IELTS score is 6.5. Submitted scores must be no more than two years old. Selection of students shall be without regard to race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, age, or beliefs.


Tuition and fees are established in accordance with the University of Kentucky’s Graduate Non-Resident tuition and fees. Additionally, fees for English language instruction and internships arranged by the IPPMI will be assessed. The tuition and fees are as follows:

  • Tuition and Student Fees for this program can be found on the Registrar's website. (Note: Tuition payments will follow the normal billing cycle of UK.) If UK increases tuition after the academic year, the students will be required to pay the increase in tuition and fees.
  • Administrative Fee: UK will provide program coordination for arrival and orientation, transportation, assistance with housing placement, settling in of family, professional internship advising (if requested) and placement at $4,000 per student per year.
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) Training. For students who want to enhance their English language skills, an intensive daily course or a semester-long once weekly course (which is average) costs approximately $3,000.
  • In sum, the estimated total cost of UK tuition and program fees, per student per year as of 2016, will be $32,380, not including ESL classes or published tuition increases that may occur from time to time. If ESL training is desired, the total cost of the program will be $35,380. (Note: The total costs are subject to annual adjustments as approved by the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees.)
  • Students are responsible for all other costs incurred at UK, e.g., books, stationery, and study materials. In addition, students will pay for their own accommodation (room and board) and living costs. Students are responsible for the costs of health and other insurance in line with current regulations at UK and as may be varied from time to time by UK. Students must comply with all Health Regulations currently in force in UK. All expenses of accompanying partners and/or dependents are the responsibility of the student.

Students will be responsible for each student’s semester tuition, student, and administrative fees unless the student withdraws from the program or returns home at least thirty days before the start of the semester. Tuition will be refunded in accordance with UK policy if the student withdraws before the start of classes.