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Frankfort Day 2020

Last Friday a group of Martin School students took a trip to Frankfort in order to learn more about the work done by different state agencies. 17 of us spent the day hearing from government employees and learning more about the ins and outs of professional life in Frankfort.

Students began the day by hearing from John Hicks, the State Budget Director. We were able to field questions and learn more about newly elected Governor Beshear’s plan to begin providing more funding to state universities. After that we heard from Ron Carson, the chairman of the Martin School Board of Visitors and the Council for Postsecondary Education (CPE).  Representatives from the CPE spoke about the state’s new performance based funding model, as well as a review of tuition increases over the last decade. After lunch, we spoke with members of various Legislative Research Commission (LRC) committees. From working with legislators, drafting bills, interacting with lobbyists, and conducting policy research, we got a glimpse of what work life is like for the legislative staff. 

Courtesy: Cameron Childress