At a Glance

Graduation Rates

Below is a breakdown of time to graduation for the 5-year MPA cohort starting in 2015-2016:

Graduation Rates MPA Cohort (2015-2016)
• Initially enrolled: 19
    • Graduated within 2 years: 13
    • Graduated within 3 years: 17
    • Graduated within 4 years: 18
*Full-time students generally complete the degree in two years, while part-time students (less than 9 credit hours per semester) can take at least twice as long, depending on the various courseloads. Dual degree students (PharmD/MPA or JD/MPA) generally complete both programs in four years.

Job Placements

About half of 2020 graduates found work in the nonprofit sector, with four working in public university systems. A little less than half found work in city, state, or federal government offices. One student is employed in the private sector and one student is still pursuing employment.

Job Placements for 2019-2020 MPA Graduates using NASPAA Categories: 15 Students Total

  • US Government: 2
  • State Government: 2
  • U.S. Local Government: 2
  • International Quasi-Government or Government All Levels: 0
  • Nonprofit (domestic-oriented): 7*
  • Nonprofit (international): 0
  • Private Sector (research/consulting): 0
  • Private Sector (not research/consulting): 1
  • Obtaining Further Education: 0
  • Military Service: 0
  • Unemployed (not seeking employment): 0
  • Unemployed (seeking employment): 1
  • Status Unknown: 0

*Includes four students employed in higher education administration at public university

Due to the Pharm.D./MPA dual degree program, we typically have a high number of placements in the Health Care Sector, including Health Administration. The Nonprofit area of specialization is one of the most popular, and typically a high percentage of graduates remain in this field. Due to the number of University employees in our program, we typically have a high number of placements in Higher Education Administration. 


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