Living in Lexington

Lexington is a great place to live, work, and study. With a population of roughly 300,000, Lexington offers both the warmth (and lower cost of living) of a small city and some of the amenities you would enjoy in a larger city, including the arts, cultural events, and great food. It's also beautiful! We aren't the only ones to notice its vibrancy.


Students live in a variety of neighborhoods in and around Lexington, including Chevy Chase, downtown, and in the Tates Creek area. In regards to the rental market, Lexington offers a mix of new high rises and smaller charming apartment complexes. UK offers a guide to off-campus housing (including listings) that can be accessed from the Off-Campus Student Services website. The University also offers on-campus housing for graduate students.


Lexington is home to some great sporting traditions, including horse racing and the minor league baseball team, the Lexington Legends. In the spring and fall, spend a beautiful Friday afternoon at Keeneland with your friends and family. Students can enjoy athletics both as spectators and participants at UK. If team sports aren't your thing, Kentucky boasts some amazing parks and natural wonders, like Red River Gorge, for hiking and exploring.

Arts & Culture

Lexington, and Kentucky in general, have strong identities. Lexington offers a great deal for those who love music, art, and cultural events. We also have the advantage of proximity to some great larger metropolises-- Cincinnati, Louisville, and Nashville are all within a couple of hours' drive. Check out Visit Lex's top ten list for some great activity ideas.


The food scene here is filled with Kentucky originals, southern classics, and creative fusion. Lexingtonians benefit from a great local food environment; check out the Farmer's Market or any of your favorite review sites for inspiration. If you're visiting Kentucky for the first time, you should try some of our specialties-- hot browns, bourbon balls, benedictine sandwiches, Derby pie, burgoo.... The list goes on!