Faculty and Staff working remotely due to COVID-19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Martin School faculty and staff are working partly remotely for the fall 2020 semester. Please email us with general questions. Click here to find faculty and staff contact information. Click here for details on UK's plan for Fall 2020

Public Policy Undergraduates

Welcome to our first undergraduate cohort in the Martin School! We are very excited to have you in the program!


Please check the Canvas shell for announcements and advising information. If you don't have access to the Canvas shell, please email Brooke Kuerzi. For questions about the major, please email your advisor to set up an appointment. 


Campus Resources

Academic Resources

  • The Study - Peer tutoring for a variety of courses in three locations on campus
  • LEAP (Lab for Economics & Accounting Proficiency) - Help with ECO & ACC courses (ECO 201, 202, 391)
  • Mathskeller - Help with all 100-level math courses (MA 113, 123, 137)
  • The Writing Center - Help with writing, speaking, and multimedia assignments and projects


These are not complete lists of all resources available to UK students. If you need help finding the right office/staff member for help with something, please email the Student Affairs Officer (brooke.kuerzi@uky.edu).