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IFIR research is disseminated through publications, including the IFIR working paper series. Many of these papers are later published in professional journals or books.

An IFIR conference on "New Directions in Fiscal Federalism", held in September, 2006, and co-sponsored by CESifo of Munich, Germany, has led to the publication of special issues of two academic journals. A selection of papers based on conference keynote addresses was published in the December, 2007 issue of CESifo Economic Studies. Read this introductory essay, written by the conference co-organizers, Thiess Buettner and David Wildasin, to learn more about this special issue and the articles that it contains. In addition, the December, 2008 issue of the Journal of Public Economics contains a collection of the contributed papers that were presented at the conference. This special issue, edited by Robin Boadway, Thiess Buettner, and David Wildasin, includes an introductory essay that outlines its contents.


Working Papers

IFIR working papers are contributed by IFIR Research Fellows and other scholars affiliated with IFIR or active in its conferences and other activities. IFIR Working Papers are indexed in the EconPapers archive. Past IFIR Working Papers, from 2005 to present, can be accessed here.



No. 2009-01 | “Decentralized Tax and Public Service Policies with Differential Mobility of Residents,” William H. Hoyt.

No. 2009-02 | “Business Incentives and Employment: What Incentives Work and Where?” William H. Hoyt, Christopher Jepsen and Kenneth R. Troske.

No. 2009-03 | “Tax Limits, Houses, and Schools: Seemingly Unrelated and Offsetting Effects,” William H. Hoyt, Paul A. Coomes and Amelia M. Biehl.

No. 2009-04 | “The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and Homeownership: Is Smaller Now Better?,” Amelia M. Biehl and William H. Hoyt.

No. 2009-05 | “Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side of the River?: The Choice of Where to Work and Where to Live for Movers,” Ken Sanford and William H. Hoyt.

No. 2009-06 | “The Value of a College Education: Estimating the Effect of Teacher Preparation on Student Achievement,” Sharon Kukla-Acevedo and Eugenia F. Toma.

No. 2009-07 | “State and Local Government Finance in the Current Crisis: Time for Emergency Federal Relief?,” David E. Wildasin.

No. 2009-08 | “State Corporation Income Taxation: An Economic Perspective on Nexus,” David E. Wildasin.

No. 2009-09 | “Evaluation of Teacher Preparation Programs: A Reality Show in Kentucky,” Sharon Kukla-Acevedo, Megan Streams and Eugenia F. Toma.

No. 2009-10 | “Evidence-Based Practice and the Use of Information in State Agency Decision-Making,” Edward Jennings and Jeremy Hall.

No. 2009-11 | “Intergovernmental Transfers to Local Governments,” David E. Wildasin.

No. 2009-12 | “Fiscal Competition for Imperfectly-Mobile Labor and Capital: A Comparative Dynamic Analysis,” David E. Wildasin.

No. 2009-13 | “School Finance Reform: Do Equalized Expenditures Imply Equalized Teacher Salaries?,” Meg Streams, J.S. Butler, Joshua Cowen, Jacob Fowles and Eugenia F. Toma.

No. 2009-14 | “Choice in a World of New School Types,” J.S. Butler, Doug Carr, Eugenia Toma and Ron Zimmer.



No. 2008-01 | “Civic Virtue, the American Founding, and Federalism,” Stephen J. Lange.

No. 2008-02 | “Public Pensions and Demographic Change in Developed Countries: Fertility Bust and Migration Boom? ” David E. Wildasin.



No. 2007-01 | “Disaster Policy in the US Federation: Intergovernmental Incentives and Institutional Reform,” David E. Wildasin.

No. 2007-02 | “Local Government Finance in Kentucky: Time for Reform?” David E. Wildasin.

No. 2007-03 | “Davis v. Department of Revenue of Kentucky: A Preliminary Impact Assessment,” Dwight Denison, Merl Hackbart, and Michael Moody.

No. 2007-04 | “Medicaid Expenditures and State Budgets: Past, Present, and Future,” James Marton and David E. Wildasin.

No. 2007-05 | “Pre-Emption: Federal Statutory Intervention in State Taxation,” David E. Wildasin.

No. 2007-06 | “Think Locally, Act Locally: Spillovers, Spillbacks, and Efficient Decentralized Policymaking,” Hikaru Ogawa and David E. Wildasin.

No. 2007-07 | “Equalization Transfers and Dynamic Fiscal Adjustment: Results for German Municipalities and a US-German Comparison,” Thiess Buettner.



No. 2006-01 | “State Government Cash and In-kind Benefits: Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers and Cross-Program Substitution,” James Marton and David E. Wildasin.

No. 2006-02 | “Decentralization and Electoral Accountability: Incentives, Separation, and Voter Welfare,” Jean Hindriks and Ben Lockwood.

No. 2006-03 | “Bureaucratic Advice and Political Governance,” Robin Boadway and Motohiro Sato

No. 2006-04 | “A Theory of Vertical Fiscal Imbalance,” Robin Boadway and Jean-Francois Tremblay.

No. 2006-05 | “On Theory and Practice of Fiscal Decentralization,” Wallace E. Oates.

No. 2006-06 | “The Impact of Thin-Capitalization Rules on Multinationals' Financing and Investment Decisions,” Theiss Buettner, Michael Overesch, Ulrich Schreiber, and Georg Wamser.

No. 2006-07 | “Disasters: Issues for State and Federal Government Finances,” David E. Wildasin.

No. 2006-08 | “Tax Competition, Location, and Horizontal Foreign Investment,” Kristen Behrens and Pierre M. Picard.

No. 2006-09 | “The Effects of Partisan Alignment on the Allocation of Intergovernmental Transfers. Differences-in-Differences Estimates for Spain.” Albert Solè-Ollè and Pilar Sorribas-Navarro.

No. 2006-10 | “Reforming the taxation of Multijurisdictional Enterprises in Europe, "Coopetition" in a Bottom-Up Federation,” Marcel Gerard.

No. 2006-11 | “The Dilemmas of Tax Coordination in the Enlarged European Union,” Jens Brøchner, Jesper Jensen, Patrik Svensson and Peter Birch Sørensen.

No. 2006-12 | “Using a Discontinuous Grant Rule to Identify the Effect of Grants on Local Taxes and Spending,” Matz Dahlberg, Eva Mörk, Jorn Rattsø and Hanna Ågren.

No. 2006-13 | “Size and Soft Budget Constraints,” Ernesto Crivelli and Klaas Staal.

No. 2006-14 | “On the Optimal Design of Disaster Insurance in a Federation,” Timothy J. Goodspeed and Andrew Haughwout.

No. 2006-15 | “Fiscal Equalization and Yardstick Competition,” Christos Kotsogiannis and Robert Schwager.



No. 2005-01 | "MSA Location and the Impact of State Taxes on Employment and Population: A Comparison of Border and Interior MSA’s," William H. Hoyt and J. William Harden.

No. 2005-02 | "Estimating the Effect of Elite Communications on Public Opinion Using Instrumental Variables," Matthew Gabel and Kenneth Scheve.

No. 2005-03 | "The Dynamics of Municipal Fiscal Adjustment," Thiess Buettner and David E. Wildasin.

No. 2005-04 | "National Party Politics and Supranational Politics in the European Union: New Evidence from the European Parliament," Clifford J. Carrubba, Matthew Gabel, Lacey Murrah, Ryan Clough, Elizabeth Montgomery and Rebecca Schambach.

No. 2005-05 | "Fiscal Competition," David E. Wildasin.

No. 2005-06 | "Do Governments Sway European Court of Justice Decision-making?: Evidence from Government Court Briefs," Clifford J. Carrubba and Matthew Gabel.

No. 2005-07 | “The Assignment and Division of the Tax Base in a System of Hierarchical Governments,” William H. Hoyt.

No. 2005-08 | “Global Competition for Mobile Resources: Implications for Equity, Efficiency, and Political Economy,” David E. Wildasin.