We host and participate in a number of workshops open to students throughout the year; keep an eye on the calendar for more information.
Gatton School of Business and Economics also features lectures from our faculty, and of interest to our students.

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Justin Ross Indiana University April 29th
Ben Sprung-Keyser Harvard University February 25th
Jennifer Silva Indiana University February 18th
Jenny Schuetz Brookings Institution February 11th
Kathryn Showalter University of Kentucky February 4th
J.S. Butler University of Kentucky, Martin School January 14th
Youngran Kim University of Kentucky, Martin School December 3rd
Rebecca Kreitzer University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill October 15th
Michael Smart University of Toronto September 24th
HIlary Hoynes University of California Berkeley September 10th
Nicholas Wright Florida Gulf Coast University April 23rd
Jeongyoon Lee Martin School April 16th
Zitsi Mirakhur College of Education, University of Kentucky April 2nd
Joseph Waddington College of Education, University of Kentucky March 12th
Huiwen Lian Gatton College of Business, University of Kentucky March 5th
Kristin Seefeldt University of Michigan February 26th
Yujia He Patterson School, University of Kentucky February 19th
Maria Cancian Georgetown University February 12th
Mike Devereux Said Business School, University of Oxford January 29th
Joseph Benitez University of Kentucky, Markey Cancer Center October 30th
Todd Ely University of Colorado October 23rd
David Merriman University of Illinois at Chicago October 16th
Chuanyi Guo University of Kentucky October 9th
Andrew Sullivan University of Kentucky October 2nd
Iuliia Shybalkina University of Kentucky, Martin School September 25th
JS Butler University of Kentucky September 18th
Weihua Zhao University of Louisville September 4th
Wiliam Hoyt, David Agrawal University of Kentucky August 28th
Keaton Miller University of Oregon March 6th
Josh Rosenberg University of Tennessee February 21st
David Agrawal, William Hoyt Martin School February 3rd
Katherine Willoughby University of Georgia January 31st
Ingrid Gould Ellen New York University, Wagner April 17th
Henrik Kleven Princeton April 15th
Teresa Waters University of Kentucky April 8th
John Holbein Brigham Young University March 29th
Nathan Hendren Harvard March 22nd
Craig Volden University of Virginia, Frank Batten School March 1st
Melinda Morrill NC State University February 22nd
Mary Davis University of Kentucky February 15th
Ty Borders University of Kentucky November 30th
Dhammika Dharmapala University of Chicago Law School September 28th
Gregory Erhardt University of Kentucky, College of Engineering September 21st
Dubravka Ritter Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank Consumer Finance Institute September 14th
Brian Jacob University of Michigan April 27th
Ron Zimmer University of Kentucky, Martin School April 13th
Susanna Loeb Stanford University March 30th
Mirya Holman Tulane University March 9th
Andrew Haughwout New York Federal Reserve Bank March 2nd
Jennifer Bird-Pollan University of Kentucky College of Law February 16th
Dennis Epple Carnegie Mellon, Tepper School of Business October 27th
Todd Elder Michigan State University September 22nd
Max Todtenhaupt Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) September 13th
Ellen Rubin University at Albany September 8th
Dr. John Morgan UC-Berkeley April 14th
Carly Urban Montana State University April 7th
Jazmin Brown-Iannuzzi University of Kentucky March 24th
Geoffrey Williams Transylvania University March 3rd
Justin Phillips Columbia University February 24th
David Konisky University of Indiana February 17th
Joseph Ferrare University of Kentucky February 10th
Whitney Afonso University of North Carolina February 3rd
Rocio Tititunik University of Michigan January 27th
David Agrawal University of Kentucky, Martin School January 20th
Paco Martorell University of California-Davis December 9th
Deven Carlson University of Oklahoma October 28th
Chloe Gibbs Universtiy of Virginia, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy October 7th
Joseph Waddington University of Kentucky September 30th
Denvil Duncan University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign September 16th
Hongtau Yi John Glenn College of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University May 25th
Denvil Duncan Indiana University April 1st
Temirlan (Tima) Moldogaziev University of Georgia March 25th