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Catherine Annis Assistant Professor
427 Patterson Office Tower

Catherine Annis is an Assistant Professor in the Martin School of Public Policy and Administration. Professor Annis’s research focuses on collaborative governance, organizational networks, and public sector innovation. Her work has been published by highly regarded institutions, including the Journal of Urban Affairs, Information Technology & People, and the Institute for the Business of Government.

Selected Publications

Annis, C., Hou, J., & Tang, T. (2021). Perceptions, motivators and barriers of using city management applications among citizens: a focus group approach. Information Technology & People, 34(4), 1338-1356.

Tang, T., Hou, J., Fay, D. L., & Annis, C. (2021). Revisit the drivers and barriers to e-governance in the mobile age: A case study on the adoption of city management mobile apps for smart urban governance. Journal of Urban Affairs, 43(4), 563–585.