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The Martin School of Public Policy and Administration is going to have a permanent new home.  University officials have given final approval for the School’s relocation from the Patterson Office Tower to historic Miller Hall, which will undergo a major renovation expected to be complete by January 2025.

"The move to Miller Hall comes at a critical time for our program," said Ron Zimmer, the Martin School’s director.  "This beautiful space will enable growth of programs in the Martin School and demonstrates the University’s commitment to the mission of educating future public servants for the Commonwealth and for the nation.”

The Martin School has existed in some form on campus since 1976, when it was known as the Martin Center, and has grown from one master’s program to six graduate programs and a rapidly expanding undergraduate program. With the exciting addition of the undergraduate program in 2020, the lack of space for collaboration and learning has become a major problem. Miller Hall will help solve that problem.

Zach Owen, a senior Martin School student said, "After spending the last four years in the Martin School, I am beyond excited to see it flourish in this way. Throughout my experience, I've seen student study spaces disappear, but this addition will provide vital spaces for students to gather and study together."

The 2023 U.S. News and World Report ranks the UK MPA program 28th nationally, and 3rd in public finance and budgeting. Likewise, the Ph.D. program has continually attracted and produced successful and creative scholars since its creation in 1985. However, students have felt somewhat limited by the lack of quality physical space for them within the Martin School. In such a collaborative field, students crave common areas and study spaces where they can share ideas and learn from each other. With Miller Hall, students will finally have space to work together within their community.

“Students in the Martin School represent a multitude of different lived experiences and cultures and having this new larger space will allow us to learn from each other and produce stronger research,” said Emily Wilcox, a third-year PhD student.

Built in 1898 and located in the University's central plaza, Miller Hall is one of four 19th Century Buildings still standing on the UK campus.  Originally known as Science Hall, it was renamed in 1940 for Arthur M. Miller, who was the first Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and also holds the distinction of coaching the first organized football team at UK. 

With a beautiful and innovative new space and better visibility on campus, the Martin School will be set up for success in recruiting and supporting more extraordinary students. For alumni, the news is encouraging because it shows that their achievements have led to a greater legacy for future students and public leaders.

As alumnus Sarah Ausmus Smith noted, “I am thrilled to see the Martin School continue to evolve and thrive! The program fosters such a collaborative learning and research culture, and this new space will allow the Martin School to capitalize on those strengths. As a proud Alum, I cannot wait to see it.”

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