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Dr. Trautman received her Master in Public Administration in 1988 and Ph.D. in Public Administration in 1991 from the Martin School at the University of Kentucky. Previous experience includes serving as faculty and assistant director of the School of Public Administration and Policy at the University of Arizona and adjunct faculty for the Martin School. Her teaching experience includes public/nonprofit financial management, program evaluation, governmental accounting, tax policy, statistics, and debt management. Dr. Trautman has 25+ years working in federal, state, and local governments including the Veterans Administration and Kentucky State Government. She has also held elected positions of city council and mayor. Dr. Trautman has experience consulting with non-profit organizations and has written or administered 100+ state and federal grants. In her capacity as mayor and city council member, Dr. Trautman served on dozens of state/local boards and committees including the Kentucky League of Cities and the Center for Renewable Energy Research and Environment.

Current Courses 

  • PA 681 Capstone (Masters of Public Financial Management - Online Program)
  • PA 633 Municipal Securities (Masters of Public Financial Management - Online Program)
  • PA 685 Tax Administration  (Masters of Public Financial Management - Online Program)
  • PA 663 Grant Planning and Management (Graduate Certificate/Elective - Nonprofit Management)