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Martin School PhD student and Fullbrighter Jawad Ali Shah will become a Research Fellow at the Oxford University Centre of Business Taxation, Said Business School, Oxford UK later this year. The news was announced in this tweet by Jawad's dissertation committee chair Dr. David Agrawal last week. 

Jawad's research area is "public finance with a focus on tax policy and administration." His focus is on Value Added Tax. His expertise was recognized recently by Dr. Rita de la Feria who noted, "Good to see someone with the interest in enforcement issues, as well as VAT, joining the center."

Beyond this prestigious upcoming Oxford appointment, Jawad has collaborated " International Centre for Tax and Development on a portfolio of projects examining tax reforms and incentives in Africa, Asia and South Asia," as well as holding a post at the FBR| Federal Board of Revenue for the Government of Pakistan

When asked about his time as a PhD, Jawad offered his thanks to supportive faculty at the Martin School and Gatton School of Business and Economics. He writes, 

"Martin School provided excellent resources and training that enabled me to compete at this level. Especially, my dissertation committee led by David Agrawal (Chair), Bill Hoyt (Co-Chair), Ron Zimmer and Carlos Lamarche constantly encouraged and mentored me. Prof. Agrawal was instrumental in preparing me for the kind of tax research that is valued internationally."

Jawad is looking at a stellar future and we are glad to have supported him along the way. This opportunity is a significant boost to an already bright career and could lead him to a tenure-track opportunity at Oxford or a position at global institutions like the International Monetary Fund.