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Top 3 Public Financial Management Programs in the U.S.!

The Master of Public Financial Management (MPFM) is designed to meet the national demand for well-trained financial managers for public and non-profit organizations and prepares students for careers in public financial management, accounting and budget analysis.  Offered 100% online and asynchronously, the MPFM courses and schedule are designed for working and non-traditional students to engage in their classes at their own pace while taking two classes per semester (8 weeks each).  The 36 credit hour program includes all the courses found in the Graduate Certificate plus an additional 24 hours.  Students in a fully-online program are charged in-state tuition

For more information, contact the Program Director, Rhonda Trautman.

All online MPA and MPFM prospective students that submit their applications for admission in SLATE by May 31 will be considered for a small scholarship towards their tuition. The scholarships will be announced the first week of June.

MPFM Curriculum

Can be completed in two years of course work, including summers. Each course is 8 weeks, except in the summer.

Fall 1

  1. PA 631 Public Financial Management
  2. PA 632 Public Funds Management 

Spring 1

  1. PA 625 Govt Accounting & Financial Condition Analysis
  2. PA 627 Governmental Auditing

Summer 1

  1. PA 696 Legal Issues in PFM (4 weeks)
  2. PA 626 Applications in Govt Accounting & Auditing (8 weeks)

Fall 2

  1. PA 633 Municipal Securities
  2. PA 695 Data and Revenue Forecasting

Spring 2

  1. PA 685 Tax Administration
  2. PA 697 Public Financial Policy Analysis

Summer 2

  1. PA 694 Public Pensions and Insurance (4 weeks)
  2. PA 681 Capstone Project (8 weeks)

The Capstone is a self-selected research project centered on relevant policy questions, which you will present during your final master's exam.

MPFM vs Certificate


Both the MPFM and the Graduate Certificate in Public Financial Management:

  • Include four foundational courses in public financial management (PA 625, 627, 631, 632)
  • are affordable-all online students pay the in-state tuition rate
  • are offered in similar online, asynchronous formats
  • If a student starts in the Certificate and continues into the Masters, those certificate credits will count towards your Masters

Graduate Certificate

  • Can be completed in one academic year
  • can enhance other advanced degrees or provide an introduction to professionals

Master of Public Financial Management

  • Can be completed in two years of continuous enrollment (fall-spring-summer)
  • Provides the opportunity to take electives focusing on technical, central financial management questions
  • Includes a capstone project

Graduate Certificate in Public Financial Management

Sharpen your financial management skills to advance in your career on your own time.

Starting your Master's Degree

  • Transcripts (unofficial are acceptable for the application but official ones will be required by the Graduate School)
  • Personal statement (indicate your public service background and why you want to obtain an MPA)
  • CV or resume
  • Statistics/Algebra courses on transcript
  • TOEFL/IELTS for international students
  • GRE not required

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Program Director

Rhonda Trautman

Rhonda Trautman Director of Online Programs

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Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Suzy Wampler, Staff

Suzy Wampler Student Affairs Officer

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