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Current Master's Students

Current Students

Master's student progress

Every program has a degree audit that tracks your progress in your degree and is broken down into core, area of concentration (electives), capstone and internship (MPA/MPP).  The MPFM degree audit shows the core courses, which includes 681.  This is the best place to figure out what you have/haven't taken and what your upcoming semesters will look like.  Please note that our courses are only offered fall OR spring, so it's important that you take them in the correct semester or you will get out of sequence.  If you are a part-time student, please contact Suzy or the DGS to plan your courses

Approaching Graduation

  • You MUST apply for your degree via your degree audit >> apply for graduation.  The deadline is Nov 1 for a December degree and April 1 for May/August.  If you have a masters + certificate, you must apply for each one separately
  • UK holds two graduation ceremonies in May and December and if you want to attend one, you must apply for that as well.  This is separate from your degree application and only indicates that you will attend the ceremony.  You can find more at
  • Capstone exam Grad School requirements will be handled by Suzy
  • Once you complete your capstone, you should upload it to UKnowledge.  Suzy will send you more information regarding this process.
  • You will receive a SWOT electronic form to complete from Suzy.  This is anonymous and is only to collect data for our accreditation 
  • Suzy will send an alumni form for you to complete


PhD progress

First year students:

  • Your advisor is the Director of Graduate Studies
  • You should follow the curriculum indicated on the PhD page

Second year students

  • Pick an advisor who aligns with your research interests
  • Have that advisor assist you in choosing electives
  • By the end of the second year, you should have a full committee.  You need to submit this to the Graduate School here
  • You should also begin planning to take your qualifying exams; discuss a timeline with your advisor
  • Complete your annual review

Third year students

  • You must do 42 hours pre-qualifying exam; up to 6 hours from a Master's degree can apply towards that.  If you want to utilize this option, please contact the DGS to receive approval
  • If you are taking your qualifying exam, you can register for PA 767
  • You must schedule your qualifying exam TWO WEEKS in advance of the date
  • Complete your annual review

Fourth/fifth year students

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