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Full time Masters students

  • can complete the program in two years

  • evening courses

  • full-time tuition (link)

  • allows students time to explore passions

  • able to tailor coursework, concentration and internship to personal goals

  • able to work part-time or in a flexible full-time position

  • requires enough time and energy to complete 4 semesters of full-load of coursework

Part-time Masters students

  • Take less than 9 credits per semester, which extends time to degree

  • evening courses

  • pay per-credit hour tuition 

  • complete at your own pace (take 1-2 courses per semester as your schedule allows)

  • Able to balance with work, personal commitments

  • Potential to waive internship requirement for relevant work experience

  • If a UK Employee, can use Employee tuition benefit 

Part time MPA course sequence

Fall 1: PA 621, PA 651, PA 691 (7 hours)

Spring 1: PA 622, PA 652

Fall 2: PA 602, PA 631 (or 691)

Spring 2: 2 electives

Fall 3: PA 623, PA 642 (6 hours)

Spring 3: PA 681, elective (6 hours)

Contact Graduate Student Affairs

Graduate Student Affairs Office

Suzy Wampler, Staff

Suzy Wampler Student Affairs Officer

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Meet Suzy Wampler
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407 Patterson Office Tower

Director of Graduate Studies, MPA and MPP

Bill Hoyt

William Hoyt Director of Graduate Studies, MPA and MPP programs, Bryan Endowed Chair of Public Finance

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Meet Dr. William Hoyt
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477 Patterson Office Tower