Minor in Public Policy

Develop an understanding of how public policy impacts the world around you, and gain practical skills to study, use, and assess public policies.  


Minor Prerequisite

ECO 201 Principles of Economics I (3)

Minor Requirements

PPL 201 Introduction to Public Policy (3)

PPL 301 Economics of Public Policy (3)

PPL 302 Political Context of Public Policy (3)

PPL 303 Public Service Organizations (3)

Minor Electives

Select two courses from the following:

PPL 304 Public and Non-Profit Finance (3)

PPL 306 Ethics and Civic Leadership (3)

PPL 307 Diplomacy and Leadership (3)

PPL 405 Program Evaluation for Public/Nonprofit Orgs (3)

PPL 421 Cross Cultural Negotiation (3)

PPL 422 Behavioral Aspects of Policy (3)

PPL 575  Education Finance and Policy (3)

PPL 583 Tax Policy (3)

PPL 584 Environmental Policy (3)

Total hours required for minor: 21


Add the minor any time in myUKGPS. Contact Brooke Kuerzi for questions or help with course planning for the public policy minor.