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It is not uncommon for our doctoral graduates to go on to exceptional careers in academia, government, non-profits and beyond. Some of them, like David Shi don't wait. Early in June 2023 David Shi accepted a position as Senior Research Associate of the Public Policy and Research Institute (PPRI) of Texas A&M

He explains the job this way,

I will be primarily assisting the principal investigators of the institute with quantitative research work; such as evaluating and selecting appropriate methods of research, performing data and statistical analysis, and summarizing results for scientific and clientele-oriented publications. I was told I will be paired up with the most experienced principal investigator in the institute, Dottie Carmichael, and assist with her work on criminal justice.

They're as lucky to have him as we are. He notes that he chose PPRI because it suits his job preferences well, but he also wants to remain close to the academic world. The institute sits at an intersection between academia and the public sector giving David the chance to be both an effective researcher and guide policy practically. 

Keys to his success, here at the Martin School, include, to paraphrase David, the program's strong quantitative focus, practical experience with large datasets, a supportive cohort and support, academically and professionally from Wendell H. Ford Professor of Public Policy Dr. Rajeev Darolia. David notes that support from peers, (Emily Wilcox, Sam Owens, Regina M. Lewis, and Tanya Gardner) "has been incredible." They have shared job posts that they thought David might be a good candidate for, and that has worked out.

We'll miss having David around the halls, but couldn't be happier about this new chapter! Congrats!





David Shi, Doctoral Candidate

David Shi, doctoral candidate