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Alumna Keeps Local Government Accountable

When we think of auditors, what often comes to mind are financial sleuths on the lookout for fraudulent behavior. As an Internal Auditor for the City of Convington, Jenna Skop (MPA ‘13) has a slightly different mission.

A Passion for Municipal Budgeting & Finance

We visit with alumna Lauren Kesselring (MPA ’16) to learn more about her work for the City of San Antonio.

2020 Spring Seminar Series

The Martin School will host speakers from the Universities of Georgia, Chicago, Oregon, Colorado and Denver this year. They will be speaking on a variety of public policy topics of interest to the faculty, students and university at large. All are welcome.

2019 Martin School Student D.C. Trip Includes CBO Visit

Martin School students visit the Congressional Budget Office

2016 Wendell H. Ford Lecture featuring Senator Tom Daschle

Watch the full recording of the second annual Wendell H. Ford Public Policy Lecture, featuring Senator Tom Daschle and an expert panel.

Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and Martin School to Host Webinar

As a follow up to last year’s successful webinar roundtable policy discussions, the Martin School and the Chamber of Commerce will host a roundtable webinar examining the relationship between Kentucky’s quality of life and economic development and the role policies can play in the relationship. The program will be at 12:00 noon on July 27th.

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