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Seminar: Dr. Joel Slemrod

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Seminar: Dr. John Friedman

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Seminar: Dr. Dania Francis

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Seminar: Dr. Huang Huang

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Seminar: Dr. Bill Resh

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Seminar: Lucas Taulbee, PhD Candidate

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Seminar: Dr. Annelise Russell

Tweeting Scared: Congressional Crisis Communication and Constrained Capacity Congress isn’t a stranger to crises, political or otherwise. Lawmakers have overseen wars, managed recessions, responded to a global pandemic, and experienced the horrors of an insurrection. But as The New Yorker described it recently, many of the crises Congress faces today are self-imposed and a function of how the institution operates. This book considers how the staff and professionals that drive the daily operations of Congress have adapted to meet the rapid pace of news and information.

Seminar: Dr. Jiahuan Lu

Jiahuan Lu, Rutgers University-Newark How Do Nonprofits Manage Profits? Preliminary Evidence from Nonprofit Hospitals  

Seminar: Bob Bifulco

This paper leverages new school-level finance data to estimate racial differences in exposure to low-income classmates and access to school funding across schools and school districts in U.S. metro areas. We begin by documenting within metropolitan area differences in average percentages of low-income students and in average per pupil spending for black, Hispanic, and white students. We consider the extent to which the disparities are due to differences across districts and to differences across schools within districts.

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