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Become a leader in policy change

Join one of US News and World Report's Top 30 MPA programs!  The Martin School trains professionals to work in non-profits, government agencies, non-governmental agencies and the political sphere, building on strong foundations in management, finance and analysis.  The Masters in Public Administration offers students the analytical, communication and organizational tools to implement policy to address complex social, economic and political issues.

MPA Curriculum in brief


Microeconomics course (ECO 201 or equivalent) 

One quantitative course (MA 109 or equivalent)

One statistics course (STA 210 or higher)

Students without these courses can take them their first semester in the program. They will not prevent you from being admitted.

50% Nonprofits

Half of public policy graduates serve in non-profits. Non-Profit Management


  • 40 hours including policy core
  • area of concentration (electives)
  • internship or equivalent experience (PA 711)
  • a capstone (PA 681)
32% Public sector

State, city and local government.

Policy Core Suggested Sequence for full time students


Fall Year 1: PA 621, PA 631, PA 651, PA 691

Spring Year 1: PA 622, PA 602, PA 652

Fall Year 2: PA 623, PA 642

Spring Year 2: PA 681


Spring 1: PA 602, PA 652

Fall 1: PA 621, PA 651, PA 631, PA 691

Spring 2: PA 622

Fall 2: PA 623, PA 642

Spring 3: PA 681

What is Policy Core?

10% Private sector

Our students help companies bridge the gap to the public sector.


8% Continued education

Complete a fully online Masters of Public Administration!

The Martin School offers a fully online and accredited Masters of Public Administration!  This program also comes with in-state tuition and the ability to complete the degree on your schedule.

Full-time vs. part-time MPA student

Explore your options for the MPA program!

International MPA Students

There are special conditions for international students.  

Does the Martin School have funding available for MPA or MPP? 

Our funding is highly competitive and very limited for international students. 

Apply for funding 


Can the Martin School waive the application fee?

We do not have any fee waivers available for fall 23.

If my instruction was in English, how do I get a TOEFL/IELTS waiver?

Once you apply, your institution should email the appropriate Graduate School admissions officer with proof of English instruction

What is the minimum GPA for a Master's degree?

A 2.75 GPA is required.

Important Dates

Fall applications:

February 15: Deadline to apply and be considered for funding.

March 15: Notification letters regarding financial support sent out for fall semester

April 15: Deadline for international students to apply

One month prior to classes starting (fall): deadline for domestic students to apply

Spring applications: 

September 15: Deadline for International students to apply for spring

October 1: Deadline for masters students to apply and be considered for funding

One month prior to classes starting (spring): deadline for domestic students to apply

Starting your Master's Degree

  • Transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement (indicate your public service background and why you want to obtain an MPA)
  • CV or resume
  • TOEFL/IELTS for international students
  • Residential master's students who want to be considered for funded positions must also submit a Funding Interest Form with their application for admission.  Please note: you do not need to attach this to your admission application; just submit the form directly to us via this link
  • GRE not required for MPA

Apply now

Contact Graduate Student Affairs

Graduate Student Affairs Office

Suzy Wampler, Staff

Suzy Wampler Student Affairs Officer

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407 Patterson Office Tower

Director of Graduate Studies, MPA and MPP

Bill Hoyt

William Hoyt Director of Graduate Studies, MPA and MPP programs, Bryan Endowed Chair of Public Finance

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