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All seminars Friday from 11-12 in Gatton B&E room 127 (unless otherwise noted)

January 31st - Dr. Katherine Willoughby (Univ. Georgia)

February 3rd - Drs. David Agrawal and Bill Hoyt (Martin and Gatton)

February 21st - Dr. Josh Rosenberg (Univ. Tennessee)

March 6th - Dr. Keaton Miller (Univ. Oregon)

March 27th - Dr. Iuliia Shybalkina (Martin School)

April 10th - Dr. Annelise Russell (Martin School)

April 24th - Dr. Yujia He (Patterson School)

May 1st - Dr. Todd Ely (Univ. Colorado, Denver)


Economics Seminars of Interest by UK Faculty

February 7th - Dr. Lala Ma (B&E 199 – 3-4 PM)

February 10th - Dr. Carlos Lamarche (B&E 311 – 12-1 PM)

February 14th - Dr. Olga Malkova (B&E 199 – 3-4:30 PM)


Other Important Dates

March 16-21 - Spring Break

April 13-17th - Capstones Week