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Mark Birdwhistell (MPA 1982), Vice President for Health System Administration & Chief of Staff for the University of Kentucky HealthCare, picks up another honor this year. This time he has won the Kathryn E. Hensley Award Distinguished Public Service Practitioner Award.

According to SeCOPA the winner is nominated by a current member, and must excel in these areas.

"Candidates will be assessed on the extent to which they have made a sustained contribution to innovative, effective, and/or inspirational practice. Candidates must have consistently demonstrated ethical behavior in public service. Specific standards should include one or more of the following:

Innovation/creativity – The development and implementation of innovative programs or processes that positively impacted an organization.

Leadership – Ability to inspire, problem-solve, and move an organization forward while working productively with colleagues; a personal commitment to and demonstration of standards of excellence including the highest ethical standards.

Impact – Demonstrated accomplishments that have positively impacted their organization and or community

Operational excellence – The implementation of significant changes or processes that enhanced work productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, and quality"

The award was presented to Mr. Birdwhistell Friday September 30th by Dr. Bill Hoyt. One attendee described Bill Hoyt as having been "funny."