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Andrew Sullivan headshot

We're proud to announce that Andrew Sullivan successfully defended his dissertation on April 7th and will be joining Southern Illinois University Edwardsville as an Assistant Professor in Aug. 2021. 

Andrew's dissertation, Collaborative Competition in Homeless Services: Three Essays on Federal-Local Partnerships studies "the effectiveness of homeless assistance programs funded through the federal government and provided at the local level." He also produces research on "how the federal government incentivizes collaboration between organizations to decrease homelessness in the community while also incentivizing competition between organizations in forcing them to compete for resources." We agree with Dr. Butler that Andrew is doing important work that will change the lives of many.

One of the first changes will be his own; later this year he will return to his native St. Louis to teach and aims to, "collaborate with my local community to make changes to most benefit those experiencing homelessness." We have always appreciated Andrew's commitment to impacting those around him. He's looking forward to teaching and mentoring students. I think it's safe to say that he gets a little of that from us.

In his own words:

The Martin School encouraged me and provided me the resources to pursue what I cared about. I got into public policy because I wanted to help people experiencing homelessness. Even though none of the faculty studied this, many were excited about my topic and helped me connect it with areas of public policy and develop it into research. I really love the supportive nature of the Martin School community that appreciates each other's passions and builds us up.

Dr. Darolia, Dr. Butler and others have been instrumental to his experience and success here at the Martin School. Andrew writes,

Dr. Butler never missed a chance to say what I research is important and will make a difference. Dr. Darolia provided amazing mentorship and guidance in how to be successful and a policy scholar. I also appreciate the other Martin School students for being great role models and always supportive.

We couldn't be more proud of having had Andrew Sullivan with us as a PhD student and we'll be watching his career going forward with great anticipation. Congratulations Andrew!