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As a follow up to last year’s successful webinar roundtable policy discussions, the Martin School and the Chamber of Commerce will host a roundtable webinar examining the relationship between Kentucky’s quality of life and economic development and the role policies can play in the relationship.  The program will be at 12:00 noon on July 27th and will feature Kentucky Senate President Pro Tem David Givens of Greensburg; State Rep. Samara Heavrin of Leitchfield; Michael W. Clark, an economics professor and director of UK’s Center for Business and Economic Development; and Alison Davis, professor of Agricultural Economics and executive director of the Community and Economic Development Institute of Kentucky (CEDIK). The panel will be moderated by Charles Aull, senior policy analyst of the Kentucky Chamber.

Key themes and questions to be addressed include:

  • Measuring/understanding quality of life in Kentucky
  • The role of public policy in improving quality of life?
  • How does poverty, affordability, and housing impact quality of life?
  • How do civic institutions like local government, schools, libraries, and courts shape quality of life in communities?
  • Do Kentuckians have adequate and equitable access to key quality of life factors, such as good schools, clean drinking water, food, and economic opportunity?
  • How does quality of life differ between urban and rural Kentucky?

Last summer, the Chamber and Martin School cohosted a series of webinars bringing together academic researchers and policymakers to discuss Kentucky’s urban-rural divide. The July 27 webinar seeks to continue those conversations to highlight key challenges and issues facing the Commonwealth.

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