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The Martin School hosted the second annual Wendell H. Ford Public Policy Lecture in October, which is our signature lecture series honoring our esteemed friend and exemplar public servant, Senator Ford.

The Ford Lecture featured a keynote address by Senator Tom Daschle followed by an expert panel. Senator Daschle has served the American people through collaboration across the aisle, and recently co-authored a book commenting on our polarized political climate and offering potential ways to remedy the situation. His talk focused on the political dysfunction we have seen in recent years.

The panel, which included the former Chair of the RNC, Mike Duncan; Director of the Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues, Al Cross; and Associate Professor of Political Science, Steve Voss, who were all equally illuminating.

Held at the newly minted Business & Economics building on campus, the event was well attended by both students and community members. If you are interested in watching the event in its entirety, you can visit our website here.

Photo of panel at Ford Lecture, 2017