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I think anyone who has worked with Dr. Toma would agree with Ben Childress' description of her-- passionate, energetic, and "super smart!"

Ben Childress, an undergraduate student and Chellgren Fellow, has been working with Dr. Toma on a research project focusing on charter schools in Kentucky. While charter schools are not currently available in Kentucky, they may be in the near future. Ben's research, as he describes in the podcast below, seeks to answer the question, "If Kentucky had charter schools, where would they be and how many would there be?" Using data from Tennessee, he creates a model to predict the answer to that question.

Ben describes his research as "academic, but [with] real-world applications that will affect a lot of people." Music to our ears! At the Martin School, we are committed to positively impacting our society and the public good through thorough, dedicated research.

Listen in! Ben's portion of the podcast starts around the fifth minute. To learn more about Undergraduate Research, visit their website.

Listen to the podcast here