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photo of 2018 Ford Lecture

On April 11, we welcomed former Congressman Mazzoli to campus to deliver the Wendell H. Ford Public Policy Lecture. The Congressman focused his remarks on immigration policy. He, alongside his co-author, spearheaded immigration reform efforts in the 1980's. During his remarks, Congressman Mazzoli highlighted the importance of tenacity and political leadership.

As a topic salient to not only historical events but also today, Mazzoli's reflections were paired with a panel discussing the key challenges and aspects of immigration reform today. Former U.S. District Court Judge Jennifer Coffman moderated a panel including Dave Adkisson, president and CEO of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and Robert King, president of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. 

Conversations of the past, current, and potential future challenges regarding immigration policy had many commonalities-- immigration is a multi-faceted policy area, regardless of political ideology or affiliation.