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Collaborative, Continuous, and Career-Focused Advising

Students in the Martin School have access to all the outstanding resources UK has to offer, while receiving the care and attention of our tight-knit community. 

Customized planning and flexibility

Public policy is a small and flexible program, and students work collaboratively with their academic advisor to create custom four year plans which take into account their interests, career goals, and unique needs. With both guided and free electives, the program allows students to add at least a minor (often a second major) and pursue opportunities like our 4+1 programLewis Honors College, education abroad, WilDCats at the Capitol, and more. 

Support of a small community

Public policy majors don't just share a commitment to public service - they also share one academic advisor - a full-time staff member who supports and mentors them from orientation through graduation. The public policy program advisor, along with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, connect students to UK resources, internships, and research opportunities, as well as plan events and trips for students' personal and professional development. 

Access to UK resources

One role of advising is to help students stay up to date on resources and opportunities on campus. Staff in the Martin School have built meaningful connections across campus and continuously refer students to the appropriate offices as needed. Below are just a few important UK resources:

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Martin School-specific resources

Advising drop-in hours - Thursdays 9 - 11 in 413 Patterson Office Tower or via Zoom

Martin School Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Brooke Kuerzi

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Student Affairs Officer

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Patterson Office Tower, 413
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Office for Student Success

The UK Office for Student Success is comprised of many units and programs on campus including well-being, development and support, engagement an excellence, and more.

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