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Seminar: Steve Hemelt

Take HEART: Experimental Evidence on Enhanced Advising and Postsecondary Progress Over 40 percent of students starting at public 4-year institutions do not graduate within six years, and ample numbers of non-completers leave late in college. Barriers that grow in complexity as students move through college, fertilized by meager mid-college support, may contribute to late-college departure.

Seminar: Catherine Maclean

The Effect of ENDS Taxes on Substance Use

Seminar: Michael Best

Inequity in public policy generates resentment among citizens. We estimate the impact that inequity in the tax code has on voluntary tax compliance in the context of the property tax in Manaus, Brazil. Using administrative data on the universe of taxpayers and a novel quasi-experimental design leveraging geographic discontinuities in tax liabilities and a large reform, we find that the elasticity of compliance with respect to inequity is 0.14--0.18, slightly larger than the elasticity with respect to a taxpayer's own liability.

Seminar: Hope Harvey

Complex Households: How Doubling Up Shapes Family Life

Seminar: Jeongyoon Lee

Why are policy actors so distrustful of each other, and how?

Community hike and lunch

All faculty, students, and staff are invited to a quick and easy hike at McConnell Springs, followed by lunch at West Sixth Brewery/Smithtown Seafood. Please feel free to bring your partners and children.

Virtual new student orientation

Virtual New Student Orientation – Graduate Programs Tuesday, August 8 at 12 pm 12:00       Welcome 12:15       Dr. Rhonda Trautman, Director of Online Programs                 Professional development/Internships, Dr. Cory                      Curl (MPA students) 12:30        Current student/Alumni panel

New student orientation

Incoming Student Orientation – Graduate Programs Friday, August 18, 2023 11:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Gatton B&E Room 127 11:30             Check-in, headshots and boxed lunches in                              room 323J 12:00             Welcome – Dr. Ron Zimmer, Martin School Director

Recent PharmD/MPA graduate, Taylor Williams' article on Independent KY Pharmacies

To keep Kentucky’s independent pharmacies alive, Congress must rein in bad actors | Opinion

David Shi, Doctoral Candidate Senior Research Associate at Texas A&M

It is not uncommon for our doctoral graduates to go on to exceptional careers in academia, government, non-profits and beyond. Some of them, like David Shi don't wait. Early in June 2023 David Shi accepted a position as Senior Research Associate of the Public Policy and Research Institute (PPRI) of Texas A&M.  He explains the job this way,

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